Health Project


Telemedicine involves the use of modern information communication technology to transfer medical information between patients and health workers for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases.

Dr. Fred Bedzrah, the medical doctor supervising the project has explained that, “The major aim of the project is to eliminate delays in health care as much as possible through the use of video links and other telecommunication channels to diagnose health problems and prescribe medicine”. Generally, telemedicine has enormous benefits which include improved access to health care by transporting healthcare services to patients in remote areas and to help improve the knowledge of health workers in such areas. Also, Telemedicine is a cost effective alternative as it helps to decrease the cost of healthcare because of relatively less costly infrastructure requirements. It increases efficiency through improved management of diseases and reduces travel times to hospital.

It is hoped that the project will provide convenience for members as it removes the stress associated with travelling to access healthcare.


Health Insurance is a key component of health delivery for any individual or group of persons. The Kuapa Kokoo Mutual Health Insurance project is modeled along the community based health insurance scheme which is a not-for-profit insurance scheme aimed primarily at the informal sector and formed on the basis of a collective pooling of health risks.

Accordingly, administration of funds for KKHIS is governed by individuals appointed by members of Kuapa Kokoo. Membership of the scheme is voluntary and open to all members of Kuapa Kokoo Farmers Union. The project will complement and make up for the challenges within the National Health Insurance Scheme such as lack of cover for most disease conditions, Lab investigations, and drugs. Also, KKHIS will ensure that access to health to services in remote communities is improved. The scheme is the first of its kind in Ghana and will cover out-patient and inpatient costs like investigations fees, medicine, dental, surgery, deliveries, maternity etc.

The scheme will operate for the benefit of members of the Union and their dependents. Beneficiaries will contribute a collectively determined amount of money every year to be illegible to benefits. The scheme will be implemented through a network of health centers in direct communication with a Tele-consultation center at the Kuapa Kokoo clinic, manned by highly trained medical personnel. KKHIS will offer a comprehensive medical care package to members, which provides healthcare cover for over 90% of in-patient and out-patient ailments.