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Ferrero Cocoa Sustainability Project

The Ferrero Cocoa Sustainability program is a partnership program on which KKFU partners SUCDEN to provide Identity Preserved UTZ Certified cocoa beans to Ferrero. The program was initiated in 2017/2018 cocoa season with 5 KKFU districts namely Akontombra, Asawinso, Asempanaye - all in the Western North Region, and Enchi A and Enchi B – both in the Western South Region. In 2019/2020 season, Dadieso district – in the Western South Region – was added to the program districts.

The program has implemented a number of interventions to contribute to sustainability of cocoa and improvement of farmers’ livelihoods. These include Cocoa Nursery and Agroforestry, Livelihood Training and Women Empowerment, Training in Good Agriculture Practices (GAPs), Community Spraying Services, Farm Mapping and Child Labour Monitoring and Remediation.


So far, the program has made some significant impacts as follows:

Distributed 335,125 cocoa seedlings to some 745 farmers across the program districts for establishment of new farms, replanting and replacement of old or diseased trees.

Distributed 10,000 shade tree seedlings to some 729 farmers across the program districts for cocoa agroforestry.

Trained 224 women cocoa farmers as trainers in soapmaking and bread making and provided them materials and equipment to set up off-farm businesses for their women groups.

Trained 6,392 farmers in GAPs in relation to soil erosion control, soil fertility management, farm maintenance, farm sanitation, safe handling of pesticides, biodiversity conservation etc.


Mapped 18,758 plots belonging to some 10,841 farmers across the program districts. The 18,758 plots cover 24,409.26 ha of cocoa farms.

Conducted child labor awareness creation in 24 high risk communities in 2018/2019. Presently, KKFU and SUCDEN are collaborating with Child Rights International to implement Ghana Child Labor Monitoring and Remediation System in 40 high risk communities across the program districts.

Trained 202 youth volunteers as spraying gangs and distributed 101 STIHL Spraying machines and 202 set of PPEs to 101 communities in the 3 project districts in the Western North Region to support cocoa spraying in the communities.