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Health Care Services

The NEC and management of KKFU have committed to and fully supported a comprehensive healthcare delivery to Kuapa Kokoo farmers of all ages, living anywhere. The tremendous backing the Health Systems received from NEC and management has emboldened the clinic to undertake series of innovations that will enable it run successfully.


Mobile Clinic

The frequency of Mobile Clinic services has been reduced ever since the partnership agreement with Niche Cocoa Processing to take over the funding and expansion of the mobile clinic services. The pressure on KKFU vehicles also meant limited travel opportunities for the team. Despite these, the team has visited at least 12 KKFU Societies and over 7,200 patients taken care of during the period under review. Eye screening outreaches have also been conducted and some farmers issued with prescription spectacles in selected communities. With the expected partnerships, we have entered now, mobile clinic services would be expanded to include surgical, dental and eye services.

KKFU Clinic Update

  • Attendance

    There is a consistent increase in the utilisation of services at the facility, significantly by staff and dependents of Kuapa Kokoo Limited. Clinic attendance currently stands at 3,293 registered attendants and over 23,000 visits since its establishment. The attendance over the last 12 months tops 2,000 visits. In-patient services have however reduced as more patients are referred to KATH for inpatient management at the Family Medicine Ward due to the relationship KKFU Clinic has established with the directorate.

  • Referrals

    The KKFU Medical Office has coordinated over 420 referrals mainly to Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital during the year under review. Most of these cases are still undergoing treatment successfully at KATH.

  • Surgeries

    The clinic continues to perform surgeries for clients who need it urgently. During the year under review, we have conducted over 120 surgical operations, mostly hernias but a lot other conditions. Also included in the surgeries for the first time are cataract surgeries for farmers. There are ongoing talks with the cataract surgery team at KATH to screen farmers in the Kuapa Kokoo Communities for cataract and perform free surgeries for farmers.

Kuapa Health Insurance Scheme

The Kuapa Kokoo Health Insurance scheme continues to face serious challenges with respect to enrolment of patients. KKL and KKFU have however resolved to assist the health insurance officers to help register more farmers on the scheme. Staff of KKFU and KKL have been enrolled however been enrolled. Presently, farmers from Dadieso Society who have registered under the scheme have their ID cards printed and pending finalisation of contracts with the Suaman District Health Directorate, should be able to start accessing service in any government facility within the Suaman District. We will entreat Everyone to come on board and help with a massive registration drive to aid health care delivery