Our Partners


We believe partnering with top-notched organisations and companies
can go a long way to benefit our farmers.
By leveraging on exposure and mutual strengthen, we are able to bring the best to our farmers in everyway.


WHAT FAIR TRADE MEANS Fairtrade is an alternative approach to conventional trade and it is based on partnership between producers and consumers.

Comic Relief

Comic Relief is a charity organisation based in London. Their vision is "a just world free from poverty”. Comic Relief believes that farmers should be properly rewarded in order to improve their well-being and have therefore supported Kuapa Kokoo financially over the years.

Divine Chocolate

Divine Chocolate is a global, farmer-owned chocolate company. Formerly known as “Day Chocolate”, Divine Chocolate was setup by Twin Trading and Kuapa Kokoo with support from The Body Shop, Comic Relief, Christian Aid and the Department of International Development. In the year 1998, the first farmer-owned Fairtrade chocolate product aimed at the mass market in the UK was launched and has ever since engaged and delighted consumers. It is Divine’s founding purpose to help farmers gain a share of the wealth they are helping to create, putting them higher up the value chain. In doing so, this creates a supply chain that shares value more equitably and serves as an example of a viable model for how to secure the sustainable future of cocoa and cocoa farming

Chocolats Halba

Chocolats Halba / Sunray produces unique-tasting Swiss chocolate and innovative snacks such as nuts or dried fruit that provide true enjoyment. Together with partners we efficiently and reliably develop chocolate and snacks which are second to none in terms of quality. Chocolate Halba is completely committed to sustainability and take responsibility for this from raw material cultivation right through to product enjoyment: as trustworthy sustainability pioneers, involved in innovative sustainability projects in the countries of origin

Chocolate Halba is a leading Partner of the Alliance for Action(A4A) sustainability project being undertaken by Kuapa Kokoo dubbed “Sankofa Project”. The project covers Bibiani, Goaso, Kasapin and Sankore Districts where all the cocoa produced through Dynamic Agroforestry systems are procured by Halba for the production of its quality Chocolates

Root Capital

Root Capital Root Capital invests in the growth of agricultural enterprises so they become engines of impact that transform rural communities and smallholder farmers. They seek out enterprises whose credit needs are too big for microfinance and too small or risky for commercial banks; mixing financing with highly customized training to strengthen financial management, governance and agronomic capacity. Root Capital has been one of Kuapa Kokoo’s long-time and trusted partners. As an impact investor, Root Capital first extended financing to Kuapa Kokoo in 2013, and has since provided cumulative credit to Kuapa Kokoo Limited (KKL), the marketing subsidiary of the farmer Union. The financing package comes along with financial capacity building that has helped our business grow to where it is now