Kuapa Kokoo Credit Union (KKCU) Under Revamping

The Board and management of Kuapa Kokoo have set in motion processes aimed at restoring Kuapa Kokoo Credit Union (KKCU) to its glory days. The move was activated during stakeholders meeting held recently at the Kuapa Kokoo Farmers Union Head Office.

For some time now, KKCU has been bedeviled with various problems that have resulted in it failing to perform its core duties of inculcating the culture of savings and facilitating credit/loan in the form of farm inputs and/or cash to members.

Problems that caused KKCU to under-perform its core duties successfully were that of farmer’s inability to repay loans they had taken from the Union and also the inability to pay for farm input taken on credit. Several meetings have been held with the view to find a lasting solution to these problems that have confronted KKCU over the past years.   

During the meeting, it was agreed that a seven (7) member committee chaired by Mr P.C.K. Buah (Former N.E.C President) should be set up to investigate the issues and discuss measures to be put in place for the revamping. The members include: Mr Joseph Amoh, Madam Cecilia Appienim, Madam Victoria Boamah, Mr Appiah Kwarteng, Mr Charles Hagan and Mr Foster Amankwah(Industrial and Commercial Workers Union (I.C.U)) Chairman for Kuapa.

Members present at the meeting were, Madam Fatima Ali (President KKFU), Mr Emmanuel K. Arthur (M.D, KKL), Mr Samuel Adimado (Fairtrade consultant), Mr Charles Hagan (General Manager - KKCU), Mr Kwabena Oppong (Accountant, KKCU), Mr Frimpong Darko (Farmer representative, Asempanaye), National Executive Council Members and Two (2) Farmers from each District supporting the idea by voting unanimously in favor of revamping KKCU.

Speaking at the meeting, Madam Fatima Ali said, “KKCU used to be vibrant but has now declined drastically.” She explained that this is the more reason KKFU decided to restructure KKCU to play its important role.

The national president therefore urged the committee members to diligently approach the task put before them and come out with solutions.