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Kuapa Kokoo - Let's Make Ghana Green Together

Kuapa Kokoo - Let's Make Ghana Green Together

Kuapa Kokoo remains committed to protecting the forest cover and protecting the environment. That is why we remain committed to CFI and a lot of our interventions focus on ensuring that protected forest areas are not encroached and that the activities of our farmers don't adversely affect the environment.

Our environmental sustainability interventions include:

  • Sankofa Project "Dynamic agroforestry and Climate Smart Cropping systems project"
  • Ferrero cocoa nursery and shade trees sub project
  • Way-to-go project
  • Kuapa Kokoo Cocoa nursery and shade trees intervention

This year 2021, Kuapa Kokoo together with our partners are committed to the supply of 160,650 timber trees and 16,750 fruit seedlings to be planted by members.

The planting and distribution of these tree seedlings begun on April, 2021 and so far a total of 89,612 timber trees seedlings and 14,300 fruit tree seedlings have been supplied to farmers for planting within Goaso, Sankore, Bibiani, Asawinso, Asempanaye, Dadieso, Bonsu Nkwanta, Akontombra and Konongo Kuapa Kokoo societies.

Of the above, Sankofa Project is sponsoring 40,000 timber tree seedlings of different species and 16,100 fruit tree seedlings

The Ferrero Cocoa Sustainability project supplied 10,000 shade trees seedlings and 650 fruit seedlings such as avocado, coconut and citrus to farmers within the project area.

Way to-Go (Lidl) project is sponsoring 60,000 timber tree seedlings and Kuapa Kokoo on its own is sponsoring 50,000 timber tree seedlings as part of our CFI commitment.

Our WAY TO GO project in the Konongo district which seeks to improve the livelihood of our farmers through improved access to finance, improved productivity and income diversification is also contributing to our environmental sustainability mandate through supply of 60,000 timber tree seedlings to farmers for agroforestry purposes.

We also take pleasure in the Government of Ghana’s Green Ghana initiative of planting 5 million trees a day. On the 11th of June 2021, Kuapa Kokoo and its member heeded to the clarion call by the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources to participate in planting 5 million trees at the green Ghana campaign.

We believe our existence is tied to the survival of trees and a good sustainable environment. Therefore, we keep to it and help safeguard it.

"Let's Make Ghana Green Together" Papa paa!!!

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