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Kuapa Kokoo Remains Committed To Supporting Its Members Earn Decent Livelihood

Kuapa Kokoo Remains Committed To Supporting Its Members Earn Decent Livelihood

The management of Kuapa Kokoo Co-operative Cocoa Farmers and Marketing Union Limited (KKFU) wishes to condemn claims made by the New Crusading Guide newspaper linking the farmer union to how cocoa farmers have been cheated by some licensed buying companies.

The New Crusading Guide made unfounded allegations based on a documentary aired by Joy FM about “missing kilos” in the cocoa sector and attempted to connect the documentary to a case that is still pending in court involving a former Kuapa Kokoo district manager who embezzled funds meant to purchase cocoa. Management, therefore wishes to state categorically that the publication is speculative and baseless.

Our investigation has revealed that some disgruntled former members of the union are behind the publication by The New Crusading Guide newspaper. We believe that it is mediocre journalism for a recognised media of their ilk to print this concocted information without doing due diligence and cross checking the information with Kuapa Kokoo.

Kuapa Kokoo is a reputable farmer-owned cocoa producing co-operative union that has a proven track record since its establishment in 1993 and the union has worked to support the livelihood of our industrious cocoa farmers.

Our mandate is to deliver sustainable programs geared towards the social, economic, and political empowerment of cocoa farmers, to enhance the participation of women in the decision making process at all levels of operations in the organization, and to encourage environmentally sustainable cocoa production processes.

As a reputable cocoa producing organisation, our focus and purpose is to assist and support our 100,000 plus industrious farmers to earn a decent livelihood. Consequently, we are seriously mobilizing funds for the 2020-2021 cocoa season and we are working with partners preparing projects for diversified farmer livelihood.

The leadership of the organization wishes to reiterate that its core values, which are encapsulated in the Co-operative principles, would not be flagged to support anyone’s parochial interest.

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