Isaac Baidoo

I am called Isaac Baidoo. I was born on 26th November, 1977 exactly 34 years ago at Tarkwa a district in the Western region of Ghana. I completed Senior High School in the year, 2000 at Jukwa Senior High School where I studied General Agriculture.

A year after my schooling, I entered into farming and became a member of Kuapa Kokoo Farmers Union in October 2004. Currently I am the Recorder of Gordon Society, Tarkwa District President, National Executive Council – Porter and Board Member – Kuapa Kokoo Credit Union (KKCU).

The advent of Kuapa’s arrival in our district was received with high hope and expectations from a lot of farmers. It was not surprising that a number of our farmers joined forces with Kuapa. Since 2003 when Kuapa came to our district, Gordon Society has a membership totaling 130 with women forming majority of our membership.

Kuapa has not disappointed the farmers as many of us have seen tremendous improvement in our farming activities and financial status. Incentives like Fairtrade bonuses, machetes, Input Credit Scheme and support programmes especially instituted for Kuapa women have gone a long way to enhance our living standards.

At Kuapa farmers have a voice in the day to day administration of the Union as we constitute the Board of Directors. Kuapa is not just interested in buying our cocoa but is also concerned in members’ welfare and our communities as well.

On February this year, I was privileged to travel to Ireland for Fairtrade Fortnight programme. It was a rare exposure for me as I got the chance to interact with a lot of personalities from different background. I learnt a lot from the trip. It’s only in Kuapa that a farmer can have this kind of opportunity.

I am forever grateful to Kuapa and pledge my commitment to the Union.