Elias Mohammed

My name is Elias Mohammed and I am the recorder of Bayerebon No.3 Kuapa Kokoo society. My society is in the Atwima Mponua district of Ghana. I also double as the Area President of Bibiani operational area.

After the liberalization of the cocoa sector in Ghana, many companies sprang up. I sold my cocoa to some of them and realized they were no different from the government company we dealt with in the past. A friend of mine from the Sefwi area visited me one day in my village and told about Kuapa Kokoo and the fact that it is owned my farmers. It was the first time I was hearing something like that! I quickly informed some of my friends in my village and we went to the Kuapa office to request that a society be opened for us. Bayerebon No.3 society was then born.

Kuapa Kokoo is about the best thing that has happened to Bayerebon No.3 in the last ten years. Our dilapidated primary school building was pulled down about seven years ago and a new six classroom block with a library, head teacher’s office and store constructed for our wards. Not long ago, another three classroom block to house the Junior High School was also put up by Kuapa Kokoo. This school now serves six other communities nearby. It has well over 600 pupils with 16 teachers.

Bayerebon No.3 has no electricity and therefore it is very difficult to get kids to learn in the evenings. Through the efforts of Kuapa Kokoo, Miss Karen Bridges a teacher from the UK came to live with us for over two years. She taught in the school and helped us to wire the entire school building. She bought the school a generator and some other teaching and learning materials. Today our wards can learn in the evenings when the generator is switched on. At first we used to record 0% in the Basic Education Certificate Examination but just last year we record 65%. Isn’t that great? Thank you Kuapa!

Membership of Kuapa Kokoo has enabled me to up a building to house my family. I have also been able to set up my second wife in business. She has a “chop bar” where she sells food. My first wife is a member of the women’s group and has enjoyed micro credit from Kuapa Kokoo which she petty trades with. My children are in school and I hope to educate them to the highest level.

We are very grateful to Kuapa Kokoo. Kuapa! Pa Pa Paa!