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Kuapa Kokoo Cooperative Cocoa Farmers and Marketing Union Limited (KKFU)

Kuapa Kokoo Cooperative Cocoa Farmers and Marketing Union Limited (KKFU) formerly known as Kuapa Kokoo Farmers Union is Ghana’s pioneer and the leading producer of ethical cocoa beans.

Established in 1993 with 2000 farmers and currently has 100,000 registered farmers across Ghana. KKFU is multiple certified under: FairTrade and UTZ/Rainforest Alliance


Key Interventions


Plantations comprise the majority of afforestation projects and are on the rise globally, planting trees for timber and fiber and, increasingly, carbon offsets...

Child Labour

The quest to support the elimination of child labour and worst forms of child labour is highly prioritized in the business of Kuapa Kokoo


The Kuapa Kokoo programme was instituted to help achieve the second main objective of the Union i.e. "To enhance the participation of women in the decision-making process at all levels of operation and organization".

Healthcare Services

Telemedicine involves the use of ICT to transfer medical information between patients and health workers for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases

Our Company

  • Mission

    “Kuapa Kokoo seeks to develop itself into a formidable farmer-based organisation capable of mobilising quality cocoa products, improving the livelihood of members and satisfying customers.”
  • Vision

    Our vision is to become a leading, caring, efficient and the most globally recognised cooperative in cocoa production and marketing in Ghana
  • Core Values

    • Transparency
    • Democracy
    • Equity
    • Commitment
    • Care for Community
  • Our Objectives

    To provide a medium for the social, economic and political empowerment of cocoa farmers.

    Enhance the participation of women in the decision making process at all levels of operation and organisation.

    Encourage environmentally sustainable cocoa production processes.


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