Kuapa Kokoo Credit Union

Kuapa Kokoo Credit Union (KKCU)

KKCU is part of the Kuapa Kokoo family. It was formed, with the assistance of TWIN UK and the Department for International Development, in July 2000 and was affiliated to the Department of Co-operatives in September of the same year.  There are currently 8,300 members who are mostly members of Kuapa Kokoo Farmers Union.

KKCU was set up to:

To cultivate the savings culture among its members;
To provide ‘no frills’ loans to its members. Loans granted can be either productive loans or provident loans. Productive loans are granted to farmers to maintain their farms or start new farms. Provident loans are granted for say, medical bills or payment of ward's school fees.
To redeem cocoa farms of members which have been mortgaged to money lenders

The vision of KKCU is to become a leading micro-finance institution dedicated to providing quality financial services to its members.


The mission of KKCU is “To achieve the financial well-being and security of members through accumulation of savings and accessibility to loans at competitive rate”.

Core Values

As a financial co-operative, KKCU is guided by the following core values

Democratic controls
Equality (gender, social, racial, political or religious)

Since its formation, KKCU has been instrumental in wealth creation among its members. By its financial intermediation and redemption of mortgaged farms, KKCU has positively transformed the lives of its farmer members.